Sat. May 8th, 2021
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Player requests were finally collected, and they are being applied to the game.


Papaya Play has introduced its fantasy MMORPG 4Story’s new server on April 22nd after newly customizing the game based on the past service experience.

Players have consistently requested to reset the game economy which failed after several event abuses, to scale more properly (e.g. Jewel, Armor, Weapon, Pet, etc), and to enhance PvP features. The new server has been designed to reflect these voices.

One of its competitiveness over other servers is that this version allows players to obtain the core upgrade items in-game as well. The game has been serviced in North America and Europe for several years already, so this is quite an interesting attempt on its business model. But this surely gives long-lasting enjoyment to more players.

The new server was launched without any discontinuation of the previous service. Instead, players will get their game cash return up to 100% depending on when the game cash was used.
For more details of rewards and what changed in the new server, please visit the website’s event page below.



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