Mon. Mar 8th, 2021
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9Splay Entertainment Technology has released today its latest mobile MMORPGAbysswalker, on both App Store and Google Play. The game is available globally for immediate download. Players can venture into an immersive cyberpunk world where technology meets fantasy.

Abysswalker boasts stunning graphics created in Unreal Engine 4, detailed and diverse customization options, as well as thrilling challenges and competitive events. The game also features several unique systems, including a fluid weapon swap system, which allows players to freely switch between melee and ranged weapons, and a battle assistant system, which enables players to receive help from NPCs and even Gods during combat.

Game Features:

  • Switch between melee and ranged weapons freely
  • Create a wide range of skill combos to defeat your enemies
  • Participate in numerous exhilarating events and challenges
  • Compete with 19 other players in Survival Drill to be the last one standing
  • Assemble and enhance NPCs and even Gods to assist you in battles
  • Collect a plethora of sleek futuristic mounts and unique pets
  • Express yourself with detailed character customization
  • Explore intriguing storylines with diverse dialogue options

Players will be able to embark on a journey where they get to take on the role of the protagonist and explore an apocalypse-ridden world. Once they enter this hectic, thrilling world, they get to decide who and how they want to be. An adventure awaits, for chaos is only the beginning…

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