Sat. May 8th, 2021
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Dreamscaper, a surreal ARPG from Afterburner Studios is out now on Steam Early Access.



Dreamscaper is an action roleplaying game roguelike singleplayer game where the player delves into a surreal lucid dream world.









  • Lean into the nightmares and make the rush of permadeath your ally.
  • Use lucid powers to manipulate the elements, warp space, and even control time itself.
  • Battle bosses that embody Isolation, Fear, Negativity, Loss and more.
  • Upgrade a multitude of surreal items and discover powerful artifacts.
  • Live Cassidy’s waking life and uncover the mystery of her story.

rich, expansive combat system that rewards skilled play. Use careful positioning, exact timing and quick reflexes to defeat foes with an abundance of combat options.




We will be doing a full Early Access review coming very soon. We love the art style and are a sucker for ARPG combat.


Check the game out now for only $15 USD on sale:

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