Thu. May 6th, 2021
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Today Last Epoch updated to beta version 0.7.9 update of the game runs about 1.7 gigs

In the update:

–The Monolith of Fate is now it’s very own zone connected to the End of Time. It has several islands containing timelines that never were.

If you start a timeline you get two choices or Echoes, that allow for modifiers to enemies and rewards.

Added 24 Echo layouts and 21 new quest echoes.

–Also in todays beta update items can now drop tier 6 and tier 7 affixes. (Purple colored drops)

–17 new unique items have been added.

–Big changes to the Acolyte have come as well. Though already a good class, the team felt the class need more skills and expanded on their skills to better represent what they have planned for the class going forward.

–New pass on the Arena.

–Controller Support has received some love as well with rebinding the left and right D-pad buttons to any action. (Thank You!)

Also fixes to targeting and interactions outside of combat.

–Numerous game balances like damage over time, dodge and health.

–Skill Balances


–Sound Changes



–User Interface





and more!

ok that was a lot of additions and fixes!






Read the full patch notes here:    Patch Notes

and check out the game here: Steam Link


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