Sat. May 8th, 2021
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The Ashes of Creation team posted a July livestream of what they have been working on for their upcoming MMORPG.

The team has been hard at work on VFX changes

They have also been working on skills like granting your friend a portion of your mana.



They then went into Gathering and how it will work in their MMORPG.

Gatherers will be able to use limited use tools which will increase usage as your character grows. There will be single gatherables, vein gathering and mobile gathering, like hunting a herd of animals.

The team also did a fly through on a flying mount of a level 10 dungeon which looks amazing. It was an open world dungeon and the way it works is if two groups run into an open world dungeon the team that does the most DPS and tags it first for tagging mobs. The experience will be divided between the two groups of players based on the DPS done. If two groups refuse to leave the area and want to control the room a PvP battle could break out.

Flying mounts will be rare and only allow for 10 to 15 flying mounts per server.

Some technical updates were also talked up like water shaders for the waterfalls.

Character updates included swimming. They did say that water combat is a thing.

One area that was interesting was that there would be 8 pieces of armor and you can choose to equip different pieces in all 8 slots to customize your appearance even further. Very cool.

Spiders got some work done this past month much to the shagrin  of our own HoppinHiroMama (eck!)



A couple of Questions were also answered as well which clarifies a couple of points:


Q: Say I don’t harvest or gather for a couple of levels, would I fall behind in terms of gathering skill?
A: The advancement of your artisan path does not correlate with your adventuring path. So you can just not touch gathering at all until you hit max level. But yes, building up your artisan path will let you unlock various professions. Do keep in mind the game is not designed for level 10 zones, then level 20 zones and level 30 zones. So it’s not going to be all iron in level 10 zones. Things will be realistically regionalized, less game-like and more realistic/organic. This is important so that regions rely on the caravan system to provide access to local resources. Creating supply/demand is important, so some regions will have popular resources while it may lack others.

Q: Will there be any way for players to search for items before travelling to a node? Or do we have to go there first in order to see what is available.
A: On the auction house front, economic nodes have access to auction houses that are local to that node. So if the parent node is economic, the vassal nodes under its ZOI will ‘share’ the auction houses. So from a player stall standpoint, you can purchase a certificate from the economic node and it will provide a license to put down a player owned shop wherever you are in the world. So each node has the ability to build a market, but economic nodes have it built by default for player owned stalls. This is where you list items for sale. Now all of these along with auction house listings will be accessible on the community board that will show you the location and items being sold, so then you can travel there and buy what you want.




Stay up to date with this highly anticipated MMORPG right here and visit the forums to discuss what you think about the project!

For more information follow the link to Ashes of Creation official website.

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