Fri. May 14th, 2021
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Today the Free Mobile MMORPG Black Desert Mobile launches Path of Glory. A new tower defense style combat mode. The Field of Valor has also returned for those looking for a challenge.

In the Path of Glory players will defend a castle gate against enemies that grow stronger with each wave. You can have upwards of six characters per family participate. Combat points used to enter will be different for each level. You earn Emblems as rewards which will increase Attack and Defense points of all family members.




The Highlands will be featured in the return of Field of Valor. Which is a series of new battlefields that provides 30 minute battles for a party of 5 players.

Both opportunities allow for your character and your families to increase in experience and in levels.




To learn more about the update and the Free to Play MMORPG Black Desert Mobile follow the link below to their official site.

Black Desert Mobile Site


In other Black Desert news, The MMORPG Black Desert SEA is launching the long-awaited Terrmian Waterpark. Running now until August 26th, the Waterpark will offer over 10 event quests with minigames to collect coins and seals. Of course these are used to purchase cosmetics and special items. When players have had their fun with the Summer event you can ‘graduate’ early and convert to a regular character.



For more info about this and more about the highly popular MMORPG Black Desert Online SEA follow here for official news.

Black Desert SEA Official Site

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