Fri. May 7th, 2021
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RPG ‘Peachleaf Pirates’ is coming to Steam and Beta signups are open now



Indie publisher Digerati announces Peachleaf Pirates – The title is a story-driven Roleplaying game inspired by point and clicks and casual farm sims.

Peachleaf Pirates is an adventure about finding yourself washed up on shore on a strange island. You set out to uncover the secrets of Peachleaf.

The island includes monster filled jungle temple and tropical farming.




Key features

  • Uncover the secrets of the island: Solve puzzles and parlez with the kooky cast of locals to help save the ancient Peachleaf tree from evil in a puntastic tale inspired by the classic point-and-click adventures of yore.
  • Grow and harvest island crops: From Mango and Guava, to Chubaberry and Fairyplum. But be warned – goblins will happily steal any crops left unprotected, and the lush tropical climate can make your plants prone to disease.
  • Battle through the Temple: Explore the many floors of a mysterious jungle temple to find riches and rewards, but be ready for a fight – the temple is home to a LOT of not-so-friendly creatures waiting to mob you from every direction!
  • Raise bizarre animals: Bees make honey. Hens lay eggs. Dinoflies… erm, what do dinoflies do?
  • Master unique skills: Navigate and progress through your skill-trees to become a formidable voodoo spellcaster, a skilled swordmaster or sharpshooter, or an expert homesteader.
  • Research, crafting, and recipes: Unlock an ever more amazing array of useful items, tools, and foods as you progress.


Players are invited to sign-up for the beta now at the following link:

Wishlist on Steam:

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