Thu. May 6th, 2021
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Rigem Works announced their upcoming classic MMORPG


The Herb has a new name: Legends of Gondwana 

We can’t say we are surprised. The original name The Herb was the brunt of many jokes. Legends of Gondwana is a much better name. 

Original Story:


Legends of Gondwana is a Multiplayer RPG with a mythical, ancient story with Science Fiction elements to offer players new experiences and visions for a new world and new legends based on long-forgotten lore.

Immerse yourself in an intense battle between worlds! You’ll roam freely in hyper-realistic, dynamic and interactive environments. Discover and enjoy Gondwana’s expansive, long-lasting adventures across an action-packed free world!

MMORPG The Herb offers players an epic storyline, different PVE events, PVP ranking and a guild system.

The game also offers Questing, pets, mounts and what they are calling ‘deep social elements’

Some of the features of the upcoming MMORPG include:


Combat system with critical hits and blocking

Skill system


Pets with customizable behaviors


Guild system and Ranks

Party system

Player to Player trading

NPC Trading and Quests

PvP Murder system

Friends Lists



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