Fri. May 7th, 2021
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The First Major Expansion for MMO Conan Exiles Releases on Sept. 15th




Funcom announced today that the Online RPG Conan Exiles will expand next week with it’s first major expansion pack titled ‘Isle of Siptah’

The developer stated that Isle of Siptah will not just be more content but also a new way to play the game.

Every player gets the chance to create a new character on the Isle of Siptah, an island engulfed in magic storms and ancient creatures.

There are over a dozen new dungeons, new areas and creatures plus the ability to summon portals that bring NPCs from Exiles into the new world.

The expansion also includes two new building sets. A pirate themed like Flotsam and Castles like Stormglass.

Also joining the game is a fresh new mount. A War Torn Rhino.




Starting today Thursday Sept 10th until Monday Sept 14th Steam will be offering a free to play period Combined with a massive 65% off discount on the base game.

Steam Free Weekend

Learn more about the game here:

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