Sat. May 8th, 2021
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RPGs and Murder Mysteries? Yes please!

Today developer Nerdook Productions and publisher Digerati revealed their new RPG, deck builder, murder mystery game ‘The Magister’

Interested players can sign up now for a spot in the early play beginning on August 13th with a full release later this year.








The Magister is a murder mystery RPG where you roam a kingdom and investigate suspects using complex dialog options to try and defeat them in a psychological battle.

The ‘battles’ take place in a turn-based tactical fashion. The deck you build decides your success. You fight with magic and weapons or settle the battles with Tactical Diplomacy.

You choose your own Magister that come with their own specialties and even flaws. Like being an alcoholic or an insomniac.

You race against a two week clock (14 days) to solve the murder.

The game is designed for replay and provides infinite playability.







Follow the game and wishlist it here on Steam:

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