Sat. May 8th, 2021
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Dystopian text-based RPG cyberpunkdreams announced with trailer and free beta

Who will you be in Cincinnati, 2092?



cyberpunkdreams is a text-based, free-to-play RPG set across the sprawling city of Cincinnati, 2092 – a city of glistening corporate towers, urban decay and little in-between. Players arrive stripped of their memories, with no more than a weapon strapped to their belt and a singular objective echoing around their head.
A follow-on from the successfully Kickstarted illustrated short fiction collection cyberpunkdreams: cincinnati stories, this new interactive adventure aims to be accessible for both veterans of the genre, as well as those looking to experience dystopian interactive fiction for the first time, in a world just around the corner from our own.

Players can sign up to join the beta of cyberpunkdreams right now via the official website to not only be the first to enter the city’s walls, but also unlock exclusive items reserved only for pre-launch players.

Choice and opportunity are at the heart of this evolving adventure, with a staggering 1.5 million words of content ready to explore and new stories planned each month alongside limited-time in-game events.
Creator and author Rob Chant said, “cyberpunkdreams has been in development since 2013, so I’m incredibly excited about the beta release. Having a growing community of players will make a huge difference to ongoing development over the coming months and years.

Players can expect a visceral, uncompromising and deep experience. The game rewards exploration, risk-taking and, more than anything else, serious role playing – making in-character decisions even when they’re against your better judgement.

Players can sign up for the free beta of cyberpunkdreams here. The full release of the game will include optional microtransactions.

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