Sat. May 8th, 2021
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Roleplaying game Encased will be updated on the 13th (tomorrow) with its third content patch.

In the third update the developers at Dark Crystal Games wanted to focus on the role-playing system. All main and additional character attributes and skills. In addition all new abilities will also be included.




Key features of the third content patch:
  • Stealth. A character hidden by an invisibility device will be able to stealthily enter an enemy camp and discreetly eliminate enemies.
  • New weapon types: powerful particle accelerators; disc throwers, hitting several targets; makeshift acid guns, new types of SMGs, rifles, pistols, shotguns and hand grenades. All previously available weapons have been thoroughly refined.
  • Non-lethal weapons, capable of disabling an enemy without killing them. Useful in stealth missions and for playing through the game without killing anybody.
  • Reworked and renewed locations. There are new points of interest, additional quests, interactive items and more anomalous traps. Location became even more elaborate and beautiful.
  • Four difficulty levels: Story mode, Explorer mode, Classic mode and Tactician mode.
    Reworked balance of the role-playing system has affected all character attributes, additional abilities and perks. Developers took into account player feedback and significantly improved all the basic mechanics.
  • New armor sets, owned by Maelstrom Church, Carmine Heights Engineering Camp and Phalanx. The player will be able to get their equipment in multiple ways.


“In the final patch, we focused on refining the role-playing system and introducing additional mechanics. The Encased world has become more elaborate and the amount of content available has increased significantly. Now it’s a straight road to the full release for us.”, – says Vyacheslav Kozikhin, head of Dark Crystal Games studio.






For those not in the know, Encased is a single player, turn-based, open world isometric RPG in a world combining Sci-Fi and post apocalyptic.

The game has been in development for the past 2 years and was released into Steam Early Access in September 2019 earning Positive reviews.




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