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EverQuest Was Over-Rated

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    There I said it. Everquest was over-rated. I know someone reading this will be seething at that statement.
    “What?!” You will say “It started it all!”
    Well I would say it started it all alright. All that is wrong with the genre of mmorpgs.
    Where EQ started was a great place. Even if it was a DikuMUD game with graphics.
    I get that it was Evercrack. I get that it had half a million people subbed to it at one time.
    It was the first market success on a mass scale. In the West.
    Everquest saw success in other markets but it’s really success came from the West.
    The Eastern market (the larger market) was playing all kinds of different games. Lineage is what started the revolution on a mass scale in the East and continues to this day in Korea.
    What Asheron’s Call was doing with skills and targeting was way ahead of EQ. What Ultima Online was doing for the virtual world was revolutionary.
    What Everquest did? Made the genre mainstream. It brought it casual RPG fans. More hardcore RPG fans even who played EQ generally moved on to other games. Like AC, UO , Lineage and then Camelot.
    What it also did was create the themepark mmorpg. Which goes against what the genre set out to do to begin with. Even Brad McQuaid, cocreator of EQ, admitted to this fact himself.
    So again I say for all those who slam on World of Warcraft for what it did to generalize the genre of mmorpgs you must first lay blame at the feet of the game who did it first. Everquest. Beacuase Everquest was over-rated.

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