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What is the Greatest Console RPG?

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    What makes a great console RPG? What is the big difference between a CRPG (computer role playing game) to a console RPG?
    Well controls to begin with.
    Some would consider early console rpgs to be basically action adventures games more than RPGs. Like Zelda on console. Perhaps on PC Diablo?
    As the division became more apparent we began to see subgenres form like Diablo being labeled an ARPG (Action rpg)
    Turn based rpg, strategy rpg, even the mmorpg formed from being all online with lots of other people.
    So the answer for everyone will be very different when asked what is the greatest console RPG game of all time.
    Would it include a game like Breath of the Wild or The Witcher 3? Or would it be more like Divinity OS or Pillars of Eternity or Wasteland 2?
    So what that means will vary per person and their interpretation of what an RPG is.

    For me personally I feel that I cant really think of one game over all others.
    Sure I can point to certain games that sparked a change in the way I think of games.
    That is the real sell though isn’t it?
    How does it make you feel?
    Does it appeal to your personal sense of taste?

    I can’t say that I loved Mass Effect 2 more than Dragon Quest 8 even though they both provided me with a sense of wonder and excitement.
    Fable did the same for me as Ocarina of Time or Jade Empire.

    Zelda was amazing but no more so than KOTOR. Shin Megami Tensei was awesome but so are the Persona titles.

    So one over them all? Not for me.
    I have favorite of an era. of a half decade maybe? (best of the last 5 years)

    So what about you guys? What are your great console rpgs?

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