Tue. May 11th, 2021
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F2P MMORPG Mabinogi updates




Explore New Dungeons with More Powerful Pet Companions Starting August 13

P.E.T. part 2 launches for the free to play MMORPG allowing players to learn the new Pet Training Skill and challenge new bosses and run new dungeons,

Forest of Four Seasons and Dynamic Lands.

At Forest of Four Seasons you meet Fleur, who trains young fairy and in the Dynamic Lands you meet Kerune to be challenged to duels.

You can gain new items and rewards like Faded Fynn Beads, Gems, perfumes, wings, clothing accessories like Tiaras and more.

On top of that are new pet activities. With the new Fynn Beads Skills players can awaken their power learn a new skill called Burnishing.

With an awaken bead adventures can equip their pets with different powers:

  • Floral Shield: Creates a barrier of petals that will counter enemy attacks.
  • Fynni Punch: Activates giant fists during combat to damage enemies.
  • Repelling Force: Inflicts a gravitational field that damages and repels enemies within a set radius of a pet.
  • Rush of Wind: Creates wind that scatter in all directions.
  • Healing Bubble: Raise a players HP and MP by popping Healing Bubbles.
  • Pulling Force: Damages enemies with a blackhole like power that pulls enemies in.


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