Fri. May 7th, 2021
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New Hack and Slash Dungeon Crawler RPG ‘Gatewalker’ is confirmed for Xbox and for Playstation.

Embark on your own journey in the single-player campaign or gather a team of up to four players in the online co-op.

Try to save your dying homeland while traveling to worlds very different from your own. Gatewalkers mission has just expanded to Xbox One and PlayStation 4



Take on the role of one of the “Gatewalkers” – a member of an elite organization called The Guild, who, along with his fellow teammates, is being sent to explore distant corners of the universe to save their homeland.

During your journey through the Gates that the Ancients have built, and other mysterious constructs found in all reachable worlds, you will face various dangers. And while facing them, you will only be able to depend on your quick reflexes to move around the battlefield, plan your actions, and co-operate with your team members. Enemies that you’ll encounter will require you to adjust both your strategy and equipment to defeat them. Remember, however, that changing equipment results in a change to your fighting style too, as all your skills are attributed to particular elements of your armor and weapons.

Last but not least will be taking good care of your mental health or caring for your other basic needs, as these are as crucial to being victorious in your mission as making sure that your guns are loaded and your armor patched.


  • A single-player or online co-op experience. Try to make it alone or team up with up to four players. Share the responsibilities, fight terrifying monsters, survive extreme weather conditions, and do whatever you can to get back home in one piece. Pro tip: surviving is easier together than alone.

  • A truly skill-based combat without auto-aim but with co-operative combo mechanics.

  • A fine mixture of survival and action RPG with crafting and procedurally generated worlds.

  • A unique character progression based on crafting without leveling. In short, “You are what you wear.”

  • An original game loop where each world introduces a unique survival mechanic, forcing players to adapt to stay alive.

Gatewalkers, previously announced on PC, will also come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

More information about the game can be found on Steam, the official website, and Facebook.

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