Mon. May 10th, 2021
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Anshar Studios confirmed today that their upcoming Isometric Roleplaying game ‘Gamedec’will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Also coming to Steam and, in April the game tripled it’s Kickstarter goal and successfully reached it’s milestone of porting the RPG to the Nintendo Switch.

During the recently held Gamescom players had the chance to get their hands on the demo build of the game.

For those who missed it there will be another Demo running for Pax East running from Sept 10th to Sept 13th.



Gamedec is a single-player isometric RPG game where you play a detective who solves V-crimes (within a virtual world)

Like a Sherlock Holmes in a cyber world you use deduction and gather intelligence to solve crimes.

Choice is at the center of the experience and every choice you make has an impact on the game and the virtual world and the ‘real’ world.

It takes place in Warsaw City in the 22nd century.

Gamedec puts focus on character building and character choices to emulate tabletop RPGs.

The game releases later this year.



Find more information and wishlist on Steam


Official Site:


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