Fri. May 7th, 2021
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Smilegate released the Lost Ark season 2 trailer and is it a great one. The weather effects alone are amazing to see. Take a look and shout from the rooftops until Smilegate brings this amazing looking game to the West!

We want Lost Ark!




New Continent Papunika

1:05 ~1:14 Argos New Abyss Raid

1:15 Visual Update

1:35 Housing

1:49 Selfie mode

2:03 Cooperate Sailing

2:13 Board and swimming

2:23 Transform Items

2:40 Scouter Preview 3rd video

3:05 Reaper 1st preview video

3:27 Abyss dungeon

4:01 Guardian New system head/counter attack

4:23 Chaos dungeon Renewal

4:40 Boss Rush

4:52 Abyss Raid

5:02 Argos New Abyss Raid 2nd part

5:29 Main Story Papunika

6:17 Maybe Albion?

Thanks to AhnByungChan For the translations!


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