Mon. Apr 5th, 2021
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The Pirate MMORPGAtlas’ has updated today with a slew of new content and updates.

First thing up is the new Warehouse Structures.

Pirates (players) can construct their own Warehouses which will automatically collect resources from the previous patch added feature, the farmhouses within range of it.

This is great for when you are out on the high seas plundering the booty.






New Skill: Advanced Automation

  • Added Advanced Automation to the Construction Tree
  • Requires Esotery of Building
  • Cost is 12 skill points
  • New Warehouse and Stone Farmhouse added to this skill

New Feature: Warehouses

  • New structure type, Warehouse, may be built at the smithy
  • Warehouse is a structure that automatically collects Resources from Farmhouses in range
  • Will not gather Wood/Thatch, which is fuel for Farmhouses
  • Gathers from Farmhouses within 500m
  • Gather Rate is 5% of the Farmhouse inventory every 10 minutes
  • Warehouses may not be placed closer than 2km to another Warehouse
  • Warehouses must be placed within 30m of the shore
  • Warehouse takes thatch or wood as fuel
  • More than one Warehouse can hit the same farm
  • Warehouses have 40 storage slots
  • Warehouse stacksize is 10,000 units
  • Max Inventory Weight is 50,000
  • Warehouse health is 40,000
  • Warehouses are not taxed


ATLAS pirates will stake their claim in this vast open world while endeavoring to construct custom ships, search for buried treasure, siege and conquer fortresses, plunder traveling merchants, then recruit a crew to join their powerful Armada and engage in the ultimate quest for fortune and glory!

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