Fri. May 7th, 2021
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Twitch Streamer and Youtuber MorrolanTV recently had a near two hour interview with Lead Developer of the upcoming Open World Sandbox MMORPG Fractured.


The interview covers everything from what games the team have played to inspire them, solo player viability, Mounts, city raids hunger and food rare items, environmental effects and much (much) more.

We highly recommend giving the video a watch as it covers nearly all the questions you may have.

We are massive fans of this upcoming project and all of us here at backed the game in it’s successful crowdfunding campaign.







For those unaware of the game Fractured is an open world sandbox MMORPG which features an over head, isometric view (like Ultima Online or Albion Online)

What makes it unique is that each world has it’s own gameplay style.

Three races with three playstyles.

Humans (Mix of PvP and PvE)   (Planet Syndesia)

Beastmen (PvE)  (Planet Arboreus)

Demons (PVP)  (Planet Tartaros)

Each planet will have different resources which encourage players to visit the other two planets.




Besides combat players of the sandbox MMORPG allows you to be a









One area where we can tell they have spent a great amount of effort on is the building system. Eachplayer gets one plot per planet. (see the three different playstyles and races)

They really are trying to create a world that, well, feels like one. The game is playable now in alpha for supporters. So check it out and see if you would like to support the project.

The game is not free to play.

The team is targeting a B2P model with optional sub with a cosmetic shop with zero pay to win.

With a release date targeted for around 2022.






Visit MorrolanTV’s Twitch channel here


Learn more about the Sandbox MMORPG Fractured here:



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