Sun. May 9th, 2021
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Open world MMORPG ‘Past Fate’ is going again with a Kickstarter campaign and is hoping for your attention. We believe it deserves it and here’s why.

The game focuses on player freedom over anything else. We here at are strong believers in an online role playing game focusing on freedom.

One of the issues we feel is bringing the genre down is removing freedom from players. Classes, questing, crafting, the world itself is way too restrictive in many of today’s games.

Past Fate is trying to address that. The game world is massive and allows you to build ships and sail, recruit your own crews, hire (and train) mercenaries and soldiers, trade with cities, towns and villages.

To begin the game will include five classes:

Warrior, Necromancer, Mage, Priest and Pirate.

With all five classes there will be three further specs from there to create a more unique character tailored to your playstyle.

The game will include PvE in the form of Dungeons, World Bosses (yay) and 20 person Raids

It will also feature PvP activities like Battlegrounds, Conquest Zones and 3 versus 3 and 1 versus 1 arenas.

All will be based on a skill based system (another yay) that will be easy to pick up and play but require skill to master.

The team  at Icy North Games have stated that there will be a cosmetic shop that will in no way affect gameplay.

Another way Past Fate is supporting freedom is in the type of gameplay you engage in. Instead of just questing the player can explore the world and discover secrets and puzzles and treasure.

This is an example the team gives:


‘Maybe you wonder whats down in the ocean and decide to dive in to find a hidden cavern with a miniboss guarding an ancient treasure. 

You slay the boss and open the treasure but it had a hidden mechanism in it that now collapsed the floor beneath you and  makes you fall to deep underground area with enemies and trapped friendly NPC. 

The NPC gives you a secret quest to do certain things in the area which will reward you with powerful items and unique crafting recipes for your level.’


This type of emergent gameplay is what we find most exciting about online RPGs. Ever since Asheron’s Call long ago the idea of just going off into the world and discovering things on your own and being rewarded for it is what keeps the excitement going for us in the genre.  They even mentioned perhaps discovering secret classes? Very cool stuff. This creates a sense of wonder and awe and is what we love about MMORPGs.

Past Fate has a complete PvP experience system that allows for the player to rank up by playing over multiple different modes of their Battlegrounds like capture the flag and domination. Some of these with 100 players at once.

Of course they feature Arenas for a more personal in your face combat but what we are more excited about is the Conquest zones. These can be fought by the different factions that allow for you to grow your territory and enables the option to upgrade the lands with more soldiers, farms and more.

There are two factions in the game, Vikings and Barbarians. With your chosen faction and class you set out to grow your own glory while defending your kingdom for the opposing faction.

After playing around in the Alpha preview I had a decent amount of fun and I can say they have something here. It is very very early so things are rough but that is to be expected considering the point in development the team is in.

I love the atmosphere in the game and like the art style and animations.

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