Sat. May 8th, 2021
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Wild Terra 2 is an Online Roleplaying Game being developed as a sequel to, obviously, Wild Terra.

The selling point of the game is it’s attention to detail and freedom of play. With weather changes, season changes, raids, sieges, huge selection of crafting options the Wild Terra 2 team is creating their best version of living world.



The new developer update on the state of the project has been shared and it sounds as if the team has been busy.

Bags have been worked on. They increase your ability to carry more but they decrease movement speed. Like Dragon’s Dogma they allow for the player to attach a lamp to it for light. Very cool.

Central City is being updated this summer for a fall release. Talking of a bank and a warehouse.

The team will be adding a new dungeon and snow mountain area.

Agriculture is being worked on as well. They are creating a system of growing crops, plant breeding, using fertilizers, tools.

All together it sounds as if the team is hard at working trying to make this the best MMORPG that they can make.






Learn more about Wild Terra 2 on the official site here:


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