Tue. Apr 6th, 2021
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The Survivalists enlists monkeys to do the heavy lifting in it’s fun and unique take on the survival management sim

I landed on an island with just the rags on my back. After figuring out the basic mechanics of crafting an axe, building a fire a making a bed I set off to explore the island and find some food.

Before long I am face to face with a little monkey, he decides to join me. The adventure begins.

Using monkeys in The Survivalists is the key to success in the game.

They can craft, gather, fight and generally do all the mundane tasks associated with survival.

The monkeys use a system called mimic where you perform a task and they watch you do it and learn to do it as well.

The crafting system is intuitive and fun and as you make something you unlock other recipes on the crafting tree.

The survival system is not too punishing and gathering and cooking different recipes is fun and rewarding.

There is even food recipes for the monkeys.



The game has a sense of exploration that nudges you further into the world with need of more crafting recipes and dairies and treasure maps you find along the way lead you to temples for great weapons and other loot.

What makes the game really shine though is the co-op.

Friends can join you in your adventures and taking on the temple dungeons become that much more fun. It was a blast to build a raft and set off to another island together not knowing what we were going to uncover.


We tested the game on Xbox and the controls were easy to navigate and the game controlled well. Controls in survival sims are hit or miss on consoles so it was nice to know they paid attention to this aspect.

Online ran smooth and the game looked and played great.




Overall the game is fun, looks good and has a clever mechanic in the monkey addition.

The Survivalists was more fun than I thought it was going to be going in and I plan to head back in soon.

Give it a go!

4 bananas out 5


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