Sat. May 8th, 2021
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Movie Worlds That Should Be MMORPGs

When a new MMORPG enters the market you can almost bet it will be a fantasy world. Magic, Dragons, Elves and Scottish Dwarves.

So thinking about that lets look at some of our favorite movies and see which ones could have (should have?)  been MMORPGs or a Role Playing Game Online.



This one boggles the mind. This is the perfect universe for an MMORPG. Even as just a role playing game online. Like a left 4 Dead type game.

The universe is rich with lore, you can easily create classes that stand out and are unique, the bad guys are badass and varied and it is a popular IP.

It seems a no brainer for a successful online roleplaying game. Even over genre there have not been too many video games at all in the Terminator universe.

If James Cameron is listening just send us an email. We got ideas sir!




The Incredibles

Super Hero games are very popular. City of Heroes, the MMORPG has a cult following. Let’s make an Incredibles MMORPG or at least a 4 player online co-op RPG that allows players to create their own heroes.

Not only would the younger crowd be introduced to the idea of an online RPG but plenty of adults would love it as well. With the licensing probably hard to secure with Marvel and DC already running the DC MMORPG lets think a little different and think about another super universe. Pixar is still incredibly popular and this IP would be a gold mine.




The Matrix

Yeah I know there already was a Matrix MMORPG game but it was older and closed down. What they did right in that game (admittingly was very little) was great though. There is potential there in the right hands.

Lets see if we can bring the magic to the franchise in the interactive digital form. Even an online RPG would be great. Less MMO and more Co-op






Why has this not been done before? Alien is at the very least a perfect us versus them type game. Great set up for PvP and PvE. Crafting of weapons. This may just be the hardest to pull off because the atmosphere in this universe is the most important thing. Yet with a major variety of classes able to be created, different species of Aliens and technology, this could be a big hit and a ton of fun.




Nightmare on Elm Street

I know this may seem a strange inclusion but here us out. In Nightmare on Elm Street the main protagonist was not only Freddy Krueger it was your own fears. Freddy took your own fears and turned them on you.

The universe is ripe for different adventures to be had in a horror setting, which lets be honest, is a setting that should have included more entries other than Secret World.

Plus a final 40 player raid against Freddy Krueger? Yes please!





One way to create a successful and fun online roleplaying game is to base it on a simple concept and wrap it in a beloved IP. Ghostbusters fits that criteria perfectly. Whether it could translate into a full fledged MMORPG is up for debate but what you could do is create a roleplaying game online that is more like Guild Wars 1. A hub based world with private instances that group players could explore together busting, well, ghosts of course. With the ability to play up the quirky humor of the films, this could be a fun online game that caters to all age groups and could allow for some awesome couch Co-Op for friends and families.




Cyberpunk is probably one of the most under-served areas in the online RPG space. There are Cyberpunk games but an MMORPG? With so many classes or skills to choose this is one universe that was almost written to be an online RPG. It does not even have to be Bladerunner. Though perhaps it should be. The IP is strong and there is life to be had in it’s fanbase. Perhaps Cyberpunk 2077 will be a big enough hit to draw attention to the amazing potential this setting has.




A Dune MMORPG, for us here at role playing game online, is the holy grail of MMORPGs. This is a staff favorite franchise and an IP that could be the greatest Sci-Fi game ever made in the right hands. The IP includes everything you want and need to make a compelling universe to create a virtual life in. What makes the idea of a Dune MMORPG so compelling is the depth and complexity of the universe. It is more than just a Sci-Fi world. It is a world of myth and grandeur and high drama. It covers environmentalism, ecology, religion, declining empires, gender dynamics, heroism and much more. There is so many classes or skills that could be added to create a character and with spice, there is massive potential for a strong player based economy. With the new film coming soon we hope there is hope for a future with Dune a part of our normal rotation of games played. Our fingers are crossed!





So there is just a small list of non fantasy worlds we think would be good MMORPGs or online roleplaying games.

So what  do you guys think? What worlds would you like to see made into games?

Leave a comment with your own list or head to the forums to tell it to the world!

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