Thu. May 6th, 2021
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MMORPG MU Online releases the Slayer class to all servers today.

MU Online’s new class the Slayer is a half-human half-bat.  The class engages in quick combat with bat-like abilities. They use a short sword(dagger) and can throw the weapon or charge it for multiple enemy attacks. It comes with a pet known as Muun called a Deathmodus.

The Slayer uses some of the same skills as the Dark Knight and also some exclusive skills. The Deathmodus has a range of skills and attacks to also aid the adventure in combat.

The update is available now as part of Season 15 of the game which also includes a new map, Scorched Canyon. The team also is including a series in game events as well as website Roulette events: Goblin, Dimensional and Play time.


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