Thu. May 6th, 2021
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The team has already hit it’s Kickstarter funding goal and has now moved to the stretch goals. Good news for fans!

Here is their quote:

Hey Sandrockers!
We did it! We’ve already reached the goal of $100,000! Thank you all so, so much! It took us 26 days to reach that figure with My Time at Portia, but this time, we reached it in just 19 hours! The momentum of this thing is wild to us, and we are so humbled by your overwhelming support: it makes us want to strive even harder to make sure the end product is the best it can possibly be!
Many people have asked questions regarding whether there will be add-ons. The answer is yes, there will be. We’re working on them right now and should have them available within the next couple days.
Finally, here are the stretch goals. We’ll dedicate a post to the stretch goals a bit later to explain them all. Thanks again to everyone who has helped make this such an amazing start!
Want to help My Time at Sandrock? Here’s how you can!


Indie developers Pathea Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming sequel to the RPG/Life Sim My Time In Portia.

The new title called ‘My Time in Sandrock’ follows in the footsteps of its predecessor by returning to it’s Roleplaying, Farming, Life Sim roots.



Just like the previous game Sandrock is a post apocalyptic world where society has restarted.

Your job will be to return Sandrock to a thriving town.

You will take on jobs and tasks and customize and build.

Dive into ruins, meet new friends and even go on dates.



My Time in Sandrock will feature:


4 Season Weather


New Music

New Combat

Deeper Characters

Deeper Story

Also now play the game in Co-op with a friend. ( A most requested feature)



The team is only looking for $100,000 in funding for it’s Kickstarter Campaign and is already more than a quarter of the way there!

The timeline is looking like a PC release in 2021 with a console release in 2022.


Kickstarter Campaign:


Steam Wishlist:

Steam Store Link


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