Fri. May 14th, 2021
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No Man’s Sky update ‘Origins’ out today changes the entire universe


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Hello Games released information on the new Origins update and wow! it is a game changer, literally.

With the new update it brings:

New Planets

New Binary and Ternary Stars

Dramatic Terrains

New User Interface

Richer Diversity ( New Plants and more)

New Cloud Rendering and Weather Variety

New Biomes

Increased Color Variety

Improved Teleporters

Revamped Photo Mode

New Enormous Buildings

New Stories and Histories

New Lighting

and so much more……..

read the full website post from Hello Games to see the complete list:

No Man’s Sky Origins





Here at we are massive fans of No Man’s Sky. We even labelled the best Role Playing Game that isn’t one here.

Blueturtle (our managing editor) has stated it is the greatest game of all time in his book.

Siri says her time played is at around 600 hours

Hiromama has also logged nearly 1,000 hours into the game.

For me? The Salamander feels this is the greatest turn around in gaming history and it stands as a technical marvel and a compelling experience that every gamer should experience.


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