Tue. May 11th, 2021
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Old School Roleplaying Game ‘The Revenant Prince’ released today on Steam with Free Demo.

Nomina Games announced the release of their RPG The Revenant Prince today.

Bringing to the market an old school roleplaying game with a sprawling tale where your actions control the outcome and narrative of the adventure.

The game is inspired by our favorite 90’s JRPG and RPG games.

You play Troy, a guy who instead of dying comes back to ( you guessed it) save the world!

A 15% launch discount on The Revenant Prince runs until the 17th August.


  • Single-player gameplay with potentially irreversible consequences.
  • Time-based battles with an arsenal of weapons and magic!
  • Interactions with a menagerie of enemies with a variety of interesting outcomes.
  • The ability to play god (literally) and toy with the lives of many!
  • A simple blend of pixelated and painterly art styles.

Visit the The Revenant Prince website:







See on Steam along with a FREE DEMO of the game:


Stay tuned to roleplayinggameonline.com as we will be doing a deep dive of this promising title!

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