Tue. May 11th, 2021
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Action Roleplaying Game Online Genshin Impact will release on September 28th on PC, Android and iOS.

The game will also release on the Playstation 4 sometime this year as well but the release date for that will follow.

Genshin Impact is an free to play open world action RPG the game is played online solo or with friends. One of the ways it separates itself from other games in the genre is Genshin Impact allows for cross-play between platforms for up to 4 players. You explore 7 different nations as you set out to answer the gods of each element.

The game features a massive world where you can freely explore via swimming, climbing, running and gliding. The combat allows you to use elemental attacks that can be combined with your friends for even more elemental damage.

Of particular note about the game is the soundtrack. It is one of the strengths of the game and from our playtesting the soundtrack stacks up as one of the better ones we have heard across all platforms in some time. Very beautiful score.

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