Fri. Apr 2nd, 2021
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Orange Cast – is TP Action / RPG , an atmospheric adventure in a large-scale setting where Soviet and Western science fiction are combined itself.

Visit different locations. From sandy dry planets to massive space stations. Whole galactic sector to explore. Game has spirit of soviet and western sci-fi novels. This game is also inspired by Mass Effect game series, “The Expanse” and “Firefly” TV series.

The year is 2046.
The Sion colony is under the attack of an unknown coalition of forces. Chaos erupts, civilians dying, defenses, and communications are gone. Amidst all this horror, your playable character awakens. He is Uber-Unit. You and your character will be conducting an investigation to turn to light the mysteries of his awakening and even his very existence. The character is wearing a very special suit with a set of unique abilities, making him a very deadly force.

Sep 10, 2020


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