Fri. May 7th, 2021
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The MMORPG Revelation Online is having a treasure hunt from now until August 14th

You earn coins and exchange them for loot and gifts.

To earn coins:

  •  Red Tickets earn one coin
  • Precious Mount Box earns two coins
  • Red Phlogiston, used in refinement, three coins
  • Spirit Feather Box 4 coins
  • Azure Phlogiston 9 coins
  • Large Sacred Object, Enchanted or Spiritual Treasure Map gives 28 coins. (Both old and new maps)

Treasure Hunt Rewards:

  • 35 Coins White Jade x25
  • 70 Coins Exquisite Synergy Horn x6
  • 200 Coins Azure Ticket x10
  • 350 Advanced Skill Key Chest x1
  • 550 Refined Dragon Water x1 & Diluted Royal Ink x1

All rewards are sent to your web inventory and all items are bound.

Happy Hunting guys!

Find out more at the official site:

Official Site


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