Fri. May 7th, 2021
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The Bonfire II: Uncharted Shores is a tough survival sim game.

There, I got that out of the way.

I am of the belief that a survival sim game should be a tougher experience than a non survival game by nature of the genre and what it implies.

In this regard The Bonfire II: Uncharted Shores hits the mark. Not only is it a very fun game to play but it is also a challenging yet rewarding game.

Rewarding because you are tasked with the survival of your little crew that has been stranded.

If you have played the original The Bonfire game you will notice straight away the game has shifted perspective to a traditional RTS isometric view.

This is for the better because the game plays a lot like a traditional RTS with a survival component.

You are tasked with building a settlement through gathering and crafting and defending. (5).gif


The real charm of the game hits you on first starting it up.

The graphics and sound design  combine to create a very immersive ambiance that draws you in straightaway. Though the music is good it is a bit too sparse for my liking.

One area that RTS type games (or survival games for that matter) have struggled on the mobile platform are in the controls area. The Bonfire II does not struggle with that.

The UI and touch controls work well enough to accomplish the tasks of building up your settlement and tasking your crew with jobs to do to see it happen.

The basic gameplay loop of tasking settlers to gather, then have them build all while trying to survive animal attacks and barbarian attacks is a solid one only made better by

the settlers unique randomly generated A.I. and the day night cycle that is in place. (7).gif


One area I feel could be improved is the flow of the progression system.

I feel it needs some tweaking to match the pace in which I wanted to play the game.

Meaning it felt like a game that needed to be played in spurts instead of marathon sessions.

Which fits the feel of a mobile title sure but on my iPad with an hour or more to kill I was looking for a better pace.

The unique villagers are the highlight of the game for me. (6).gif

Each one has their own personality, strengths and weaknesses.

It really adds to the charm of the game and separates the game from others like it.

The Bonfire II: Uncharted Shores is a very good game marred only by a a bit too slow a progression system and too little ambient music to help accompany you on your journey.

I would love to see the title come to Switch and believe this is a real quality improvement over the first game, not just in gameplay depth but also in the change in perspective.

Overall a very well made game more than worth the low price of admission!



  • Intuitive Controls
  • Charming graphics
  • Deep Gameplay
  • Procedural Settlers



  • Progression System needs tweaking
  • Music not played enough
  • Landscape gets in the way of building plans at times



Look to pick the game up on the App Store Here:

App Store


Try the free Demo on Steam and Buy the Game Here:

Steam Link

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