Sun. May 9th, 2021
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Circadian City, the 24/7 life sim RPG will hit Steam early access on Thursday Sept. 24th for the PC with Nintendo Switch version arriving in Q3 2021.


The story goes you graduate from University and move to the big city to start a new life for yourself. Work in a nutty company, make friends, go out at night and live the best life you can.

Along the way you must take care of your basic needs like eating, energy, happy level and social.

Control stress, maintain a healthy lifestyle (or not) and develop your interests

One of the more unique twists to the game is that you also have to enter the dream world at night. Inside the dream world you will find yourself inside a procedurally generated world. What you do in your waking life will influence what you see, at night, in your dream world. This is where you build your personality. You can be a farmer, rancher miner or gamer. All with unique gameplay. While in the dream world you can craft dream items and even find random encounters.







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