Fri. May 14th, 2021
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VARSAV Game Studios unveiled the first trailer to it’s upcoming RPG-Sim game Everdream Valley today





Everdream Valley is a new take on the farming, sim, RPG genre twist. You play a junior farmer as an 11 year old boy with a trusty companion.



You can engage in planting, growing, watering, gathering and even basic combat.

You will build pens, clear nettles and try and keep animals happy. Even fishing! Which will be more fruitful with fatter worms which you need to make tools to get.


The farm is located in the Valley of Everdream. There are multiple biomes with different plants, flowers and quests. Fields, meadows, forests, a lake and a river.

You can gather mushrooms and fruit, catch fish and insects and even construct a treehouse!

One unique spin to the game is when you go to sleep you actually continue your adventure but with the help of a magic hat you become an animal.

Each adventure you undertake as an animal at night in your dreams will have an effect on your farm in the daytime.

For example of you do not chase off the wolves in the dream as a dog you may not have the ability to acquire wood to build a pen in the daytime.

No release date is set yet but look to wishlist the game on Steam now.

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