Fri. May 7th, 2021
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MMORPG Xsyon adds mounts in their latest update

Xsyon has added a ton of new content in their updates recently.

The updated adds a pet system that has greatly changed the way you play the game with allowing your pets to fight in combat with you and for you.

The update takes the pet system even further and allows you to mount and ride some of your pets that you have.

Stables have been added that allow for the player to keep multiple pets ready for action.

Another added element to this update is UI changes which simplify some of the interface according to suggestions from the player base.

Revised combat is another addition that allows for parry and dodge actions.

You can even name legendary creatures.

One way the team has addressed the creatures being hunted in one area only is adding an animal migration system to the game.

See the source image

More work is being done and a tease on the next update has already been revealed to include added stable sizes and styles.

Artisan and Master Weapons

Animal Breeding and Trading

More UI changes and fixes

Ranged Combat


and More….

To learn more about the under-rated MMORPG head on over to the official site:


To head on in direct your attention to the Steam page where the game is enjoying a 67% discount right now and can be had for under $10 USD.

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