Thu. May 6th, 2021
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Upcoming online sandbox RPG Elteria Adventures has released their roadmap for their new game.



The team is looking to rework the story and classes and do some voxel updates and add monsters, biomes and new weapons.

Alpha 17.0: “Faldaren Renewed” brings new story, customization, weaponry and lore

  • New weapons: scythes, hammers & guitars! The power of the song is too real.

  • Customization: hair, horns & cat ears. Unisex hairstyles, because everyone deserves a hairdo they like.

  • New Game Mode: Slime Sumo beta. Knock all your enemies off the stage and become the roundest and the aliviest Slime of all!

  • Updated Calling: Architect Rework

  • Private Zones customization – select a biome for your private island!

  • New monsters and bosses. New funky Wild Area critters to meet, both weak and immensely powerful.







Alpha 18.0 “Trick or Treat” is focused on callings, social mechanics, graphics and self-expression

  • New Calling: Trickster. Roguish, dashing and tricky Calling for advanced players.

  • Customization: faces, skin & tattoos

  • Upgraded Social mechanics. Communicate with other players, and create your own community.

  • Improved Building features. Improved Building interface, because we didn’t quite like the old one & a lot of new placeable objects for your Private Zone

  • Several graphical upgrades to make the world of Elteria that much more beautiful and magical

  • New story chapter


Alpha 19.0: “Tactical Umbrella” brings economy, threats, performance optimization and umbrellas


  • New weapons: Umbrellas. Approved by magical nannies, nonflying-bird-themed villains and british secret agents.

  • Wild Area Upgrade: Random Events. Just a pinch of unpredictability to add to the Wild Area.

  • Social interactions: Trading & Auction. Did you accidentally craft a Wild Carrot Sword you don’t intend to use? With the Auction in town, it’s not a sharp and crunchy paperweight anymore!

  • Game performance optimization. Yeah, we know. Can’t be too optimized.

  • New story chapter


Alpha 20.0: “To the Moon!” introduces current story arc’s endgame and the Moon biome


  • New Biome: The Moon. Elteria Adventures! In! SPAAAAAAACE!

  • Final story Chapter

  • New weapons: magitech firearms! Wreak havoc on the battlefield using gem-powered magical firearms!

  • Lunar-themed equipment & buildings. Beautiful? Check. Powerful? Check. From space? Check.

  • New ingame events and parkour. It can’t be all about the Moon 😛

To learn more about the game and it’s development follow along here:


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