Sat. May 8th, 2021
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Sea of Thieves releases the update Vaults of the Ancients today for PC and Xbox



The new September update for the popular MMORPG Sea of Thieves released today bringing with it a whole bunch of new booty to plundering pirates.


Vaults of the Ancients is a new Voyage type as you and your crew are tasked with hunting down vault keys to hidden Gold Treasure Vaults.

Take on a Treasure Vault Voyage from the gold hoarders rep in the nearest outpost. After talking to the representative you will be given the Golden Wayfinder  compass this will guide you to the pieces of the map to the hidden Vault key.

After procuring the key you can either hand the key over to the Golden Hoarders or risk using it to unlock the treasure vault. The treasure vault could either open or be trapped.

The choice is yours pirate.

One cool thing about the update is if you have not reached high enough level to gain favor with the Gold Hoarders you talk to the taverns newest visitor Larinna of the Bilge Rats to tackle a Treasure Vault.




The Dogs have arrived! Ok they have already been here but the update also brings with it as well.






Find out more on the official site:

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