Thu. May 13th, 2021
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Open World Fantasy Role Playing Game SpellMaster: The Saga has been revealed from 1C Entertainment and developer Spellbook Creations.

You take on the role of a wizard setting out to create your own Magic Academy and you know, save the world. The game will hit Steam Early Access sometime early 2021.

Game features:

● Build and rule your very own Magic Academy that will serve as your base of operations and fortress in one
● Train ambitious young students and recruit famous wizards who will help you in your countless adventures
● An open and diverse world full of mysteries and populated by incredible creatures and characters with unique personalities and goals
● Different magic schools that can be combined to match any gameplay style
● Dynamic Day / Night cycle that directly affects the gameplay
● Your choices matter: the decisions you make have consequences in the game world





Find more information about the development of SpellMaster: The Saga via Steam.

Keep in touch with the latest 1C Entertainment news on their website and by following them on Twitter and Facebook.

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