Fri. Apr 2nd, 2021
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This Land is Not Full of Dread!


Dreadlands will remind many of Borderlands in it’s esthetic. Yet the gameplay may remind players of the Jagged Alliance and XCOM .

Dreadlands is a three faction shared world, turn-based tactical, RPG set in an world where life and death turns around the struggle for a resource called Glow.

The three factions have their own campaign to play through which allows for multiple playthroughs.

These include The Scrappers, The Tribe-Kin and the Skarbacks.




One of the great things about the game is the free action point system.

With this system it allows you freedom to move your characters around and do multiple things within their turn based on the points they spend.

A great addition to the combat is in combat challenges that allow the player to gain more XP and rewards based on how they play and react.

Another well developed aspect is the melee combat. Rarely is melee in turn based tactical RPGs handled in a way that makes the combat interesting.

Dreadlands has a great answer to this in forcing the melee character to find cover and the game locks melee encounters to only melee attacks once engaged.

It is a great system in practice and is handled with fun and challenge.



The world itself is large, varied and interesting.

You have a main base and then take up to 8 of your ‘Gang’ to take on other Gangs throughout the world to complete quests and challenges and level up.

Leveling up your Gang allows them to learn new skills and become more powerful and unlocks new challenges.

The story is not it’s strength and the narrative is a bit boring and because of this it is not able to drive the pace of the game forward.

At times the game can feel a bit tedious and sluggish in progression.




The core of the game is fun though and the world is interesting and fun to explore.

The game has online PvE and PvP but can be a chore trying to find people to play with so bring your friends.

Overall we really enjoyed the game and love the variety in the skills and abilities of your Gang members.

Hopefully the team at Blackfox Studios will flesh the world out more and build a stronger narrative engine that can drive the pace of the game forward in a future release or sequel.

As it stands it is an enjoyable ride and Dreadlands is not as Dreadful as the name implies.

If you like Borderlands and XCOM it is hard to go wrong.

7.5 out of 10

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