Wed. May 12th, 2021
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2020 has seen many people all over the world having much more time on their hands then they imagined. So naturally what to play has become more relevant since the time they have to play them has increased. Finding a Role Playing Game Online to play can be difficult. There are a ton of options. One issue many face is that the genre has changed over the years. Gone is the development of large scale large budget massive scale MMORPGs and smaller scale minimmos have formed. Yet with that said there are still many options mostly old couple new to sink your teeth into.

If you are looking for a new Online Role Playing Game to sink a few hundred hours into check out our best MMORPGS to play in 2020.

World of Warcraft (WOW)

The king of current MMORPGs is World of Warcraft. Since 2004 WOW has taken over the landscape and made it’s own. The amount of options for new adventures to decide on can be overwhelming but what makes WOW so great is the way it eases in new players. Even if you are scared away from a monthly subscription World of Warcraft allows all players to play for free up to level 20. With a new expansion pack releasing this year there is no better time to jump into Azeroth.

Final Fantasy XIV (FF14)

Final Fantasy got off to a rocky start. So much so that the whole game was completely revamped and redone. What followed is one of the most feature complete PvE (Player Versus Environment) MMORPGs ever released. The level of polish is second to none and the ability to experience the land of Final Fantasy with thousands of other people have been a dream come true for a generation of players. Though a bit of a slow starter the game opens up to reveal a fully realized world with depth and beauty few can match.


Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

Like Final Fantasy 14 before it, The Elder Scrolls Online had a bit of a rough start to it’s journey online. What people expected was Skyrim Online. What they got was, not so much. After many (…many) updates and chapters of content released, the game has become something to behold. With the typical Elder Scrolls focus on player freedom and choice this MMORPG has separated itself with great PvE and PvP content that is easily accessible and thoroughly enjoyable.

Runescape (RS)

Runescape finds itself the elder statesman on this list. Why Runescape gets a spot on the list lies in the fact that there is really nothing like it. The quests feel organic, the crafting all useful and the ability to start of your adventure as a new player yet still contribute to the world is amazing. Even though other Role Playing Games Online may offer a bit more (looking at you Ultima Online) nothing can really touch Runescape in its ability to bring a player in and keep them. Add to that a free barrier of entry and massive updates you can understand why this game, after all these years, has remained relevant. A free role playing game online.


Boundless is the newest game on this list. Boundless is a bit like Minecraft and Trove but with more structure. It is a full MMORPG but where other role playing games online in the past few years have focused on PvP, Boundless decided to focus on shared creation. With an Engine that can render Voxels in a way that makes them actually look good, Boundless has created something special. Whether you play solo or with friends, give it a try.

Everquest 2 (EQ2)

Everquest 2 probably had the biggest shoes to fill in the MMORPG genre’s history. Following Everquest (Evercrack) was bound to disappoint and for many it did. Yet what EQ2 did manage to do was add contributions that games like ESO and Guild Wars 2 would find useful. With professional voice actors and an amazing soundtrack, Everquest 2 took the ‘quest’ part of their name to heart. From fetch quests to heritage quests and even betrayal quests the amount of adventures to embark on will take someone new years to complete. Add to that a deep crafting system and an envied housing system and you have all the ingredients needed to get lost in a role playing game online.

Guild Wars 2 (GW2)

Guild Wars 2 is not like Guild Wars 1 at all. It is really not like too many other online RPGs online. Yet what they offer is a great entry into the genre of MMORPGs without having to no life the experience. Guild Wars 2 excels at moment to moment game play. With public events that happen out in the world that anyone and everyone can contribute to the game sells it’s virtual world much better than many of its competitors. GW2 has shown to be very casual friendly and with a free account anyone can jump in and start playing today.

Black Desert Online (BDO)

Though Black Desert Online has seen it’s fair share of controversy and ire (some justified and some not so much) One thing that BDO offers to the role playing game online fan is a virtual world that feels like, well, a virtual world. For a very low price for this B2P game (Buy to Play) it is easy to get started in the awe-inspiring graphical powerhouse of a world. Seriously check out the screenshots of this game the graphics are about the best the genre has to offer.


As we can see there are many choices for MMORPG fans to decide on. What is great is there are a ton of options not even listed here that could also be a new fan’s home. Even if that means playing more co-op options or smaller scale role playing games online. For long term fans of the genre a new proper MMORPG may be a long time coming but for those that have perhaps missed expansions or updates or just the game all together this is a perfect time rediscover what they have missed.


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