Wed. May 12th, 2021
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TORCHLIGHT III splits a winter update with exclusive pets, equipment and more…

This is the biggest update to Torchlight III since its launch in October and it brings the Christmas spirit to the dungeon crawler to the frantic action.

Players will be able to discover four festive pets and a variation of a furry companion, eleven new legendary items (including five ice weapons), a complete legendary armor, new festive Fort decorations and a new “Style Station” to customize the character’s appearance.

In addition, the update adds many improvements to game comfort, including a redesign of the Forge and modifications to Fazir’s Don’djinn, as well as some secrets.








A limited-time “winter contract” has been added to this update; it gives players the opportunity to spend the holidays surrounded by two new feathered and furry companions: the Ice Owl and the Cat in the Christmas sweater. In addition, players advancing this contract will earn additional content, including snowy Fort decorations, an assortment of consumable items and currency-based rewards. This temporary contract will only be available during the holiday season, but the items released will be permanently available for players who have obtained them during this period. In addition, players will be able to find two new pets including an adorable reindeer and a festive ferret, and a very special variant of the sheepdog.

By crushing the hordes of enemies of the Frontier, players will also be able to obtain five new legendary weapons, with four weapons: the Ice Blade, the Polar Mass, the Ice Wall and The General P’tite being part of the Arctic equipment set, and a single weapon, the Toy Manufacturer Tool. They may also find the armor pieces of the Winter Fleece that has the Adventurer’s Chance skill that gives the player a 20% chance (equipment) and 10% travel speed for 30 seconds when he kills an Elite monster. These legendary items are permanent additions to the game and can be discovered by players at level 47 or higher. Two new rare helmets, the Snowman’s Head, and the Elf Cap have been added to allow the player to let himself be inhabited by the Christmas spirit.

Finally, the winter update introduces improvements in game comfort for all players. The Forge is back at full steam with major combat upgrades and a new interface to make this class even better. Fazir’s Don’djinn has received adjustments, including new attributes and rewards, and we’ve modified some of the Fort’s systems, such as the all-new “Style Station” available as soon as the Fort is unlocked. This new station allows equipment to be transmuted and dyed to change its appearance and colors.
For more details on the update, check out our developer blog here:

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