Thu. May 6th, 2021
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 Travellers Rest is an indie game that looks to put a twist on the crafting and management formula. The game puts you behind a bar of a rundown medieval tavern. You fill tankards and bowls of road worn travellers, allowing them to take a break from plundering dungeons. Brew ale to serve to the local townsfolk, use ingredients and discover exciting new combinations that’ll keep the customers coming back. Take care of your guest’s comfort by keeping the place clean and warm. Order ingredients or farm your own. Calm down rowdy drunkards, and if your speechcraft is not enough, a mop to their heads will do the trick. Build up your reputation and who knows, maybe one day the king himself will come to visit.
Have a look at some of the daily tasks in the Early Access trailer:
What’s on the menu:
  • BE CREATIVE WITH BREWING: Brew beers, distil spirits, and make wines. Create the perfect crisp lager or the wildest sour. Travellers Rest will allow you to discover and craft a whole array of food, drink, and items. Experiment with flavours by adding fruit extracts while brewing. Along this journey you’ll gain experience to level-up and further customise your character. Spend your points in six technology trees relating to nature, building, cooking, brewing, socialising, and magic!
  • BE A BARKEEP: Stand behind a bar. Serve drinks to adventurers or simple farmers. Fulfil their requests. Spread rumours and complete your quests. Yes, tavern keepers always had their own agenda. Keep your tavern warm, beers cold, and bed’s made in case your guests wish to stay for the night.
  • SHOW OFF, EXPAND, AND MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN: Prepare for all kinds of visitors. Local farmers, wanderers, regular adventurers. Constantly improve your skills. Impress your guests and grow your reputation, the word of a fine tavern will spread across the land. Eventually, heroes and nobles will become interested enough to visit your inn. Make preparations for these special guests. Be ready and take part in local events.
  • THE ASPECTS YOU’RE FAMILIAR WITH: Crafting, farming, staff management, quests, skill points, decorations, customisation, bookkeeping, and all the other RPG aspects are here. So, if you’re familiar with the genre you’ll feel like home… or your own inn actually.
Travellers Rest is now available on Steam (Early Access) for 13,99€ / £12.49 / $14.99 minus a 10% release discount.
You can also pick it up on sale at Humble Store and help us out! Humble Store
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