Sat. May 8th, 2021
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NeocoreGames announces the begin of their Kickstarter campaign for King Arthur: Knight’s Tale for PC, XSX, XSS and PS5

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a tactical RPG with a unique hybrid of turn-based and character based RPG.

The game is a retelling of sorts of the classic Arthurian legend through a dark fantasy lens.

Moral choice is a key feature of the campaign and you control a small group of heroes through turn-based combat.

Choice from 30 different heroes and 5 classes.

Hundreds of skills and artifacts.

Heroes can die permanently.

Complex RPG characters.

The world is large and varied with more than 50 points of interest

20 story missions and side quests

7 enemy factions

50 unit types

10 boss fights

The game uses photo-scanned environments and motion capture. All rendered within Direct X 12


The campaign is aiming for a modest $150,000 USD funding goal and already looks like a solid project.




Official Site:


Kickstarter Campaign:

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