Fri. May 7th, 2021
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After 23 years of being the grandfather of the MMORPG genre Ultima Online will launch it’s first new server in 15 years.





This new experience titled Ultima Online: New Legacy will allow new players to focus on returning Ultima Online to it’s fundamental roots as a role playing game.

The new server will launch with the original map of Britannia and use a custom ruleset focused on a more rich RPG experience.

The team has said this is not a full classic server but a completely rethought, reworked, and redesigned several core gameplay experiences.

One interesting feature of the new server is the ability for the team to push out new content in a new way. This allows for dynamic content and global quests.

“Treasures of” events, and Champ Spawns to support their  upcoming Fall content schedule which includes The Black Gate, The Undead Lords, Forest of the Dark, and Tears of the Ice Dragon.

There will be housing on a limited basis on the new server but only for those with a paid subscription.

There will also be rare and exclusive treasure to find on the new server.

Players will not be able to transfer to the new server as it is meant to be a rebirth server that allows for a new community to be built within it.

Also vets rewards will not be redeemable on the new server.

PvP will be featured on the new server with the updated Vice and Virtue framework.

To learn more visit the official site:

Ultima Online: New Legacy

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