Fri. May 7th, 2021
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What is Ultimate ADOM: Caverns of Chaos?



After over 25 years after the release of the ground-breaking and genre-defining rogue-like ADOM comes the official sequel: Ultimate ADOMOur goal for Ultimate ADOM is to provide the depth and sense of exploration and wonder of traditional rogue-likes, while making it more accessible to an audience not having grown up with memorizing dozens of keyboard shortcuts to play efficiently. Instead, Ultimate ADOM focuses on interactivity – animate the dismembered leg of an enemy to accompany you, push enemies into pits of lava, sneak past them or vanquish them the traditional way with blade or magic.

Ultimate ADOM: Caverns of Chaos is currently in early Alpha and completely free to download. A release is planned for early next year.



Download the latest Alpha version of Ultimate ADOM: Caverns of Chaos for Windows, Mac and Linux for free:

What’s New?

Soul Harvesting – as explained in the following video, characters are now able to drain power, health or experience from surplus items, making hunting for treasure more exciting and entertaining.

Balancing – All factions and classes are now roughly equally powerful, allowing for interesting combinations – play a sturdy dwarven wizard follower of the mercenary Gilah to become proficient in martial combat as well as hurling magic, or play a nimble elven adventurer specializing on traps and finding more loot than anyone else. Everything is now even more possible than before!

Runes – Add powerful effects to your weapons or armor by simply dragging them to the object you wish to enhance. The deeper you venture, the more powerful the runes you will find will be! Special, very dangerous areas may provide additional runes.

Monsters now make great use of skills – invisible monsters will sneak up on you if your character’s perception isn’t good enough!

For the full patch notes, please check here:


While we now have 16 of the over 60 skill trees available. All factions now provide a bonus. Monster AI is not there yet, but it’s getting close. Level generation is pretty much done, now there are a lot of small puzzles and handcrafted special levels to implement, as well as an entirely new biome.

Steam Wishlist

You can now add Ultimate ADOM to your wishlist on Steam to be informed of Early Access and release dates! It also helps us gain visibility, so if you like what you’re seeing in the Alpha, please add us:

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