Mon. Mar 8th, 2021
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Valheim First Impressions

Valheim has exploded on to the gaming scene like one of it’s own violent storms in game.

It has recorded over 360,000 concurrent players on Steam over Valentine’s Weekend and the gaming public has fully embraced this survival-rpg co-op game.

Our staff has fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with the game and have even setup our server to play on and invite a few select readers to join us!

Read on for our impressions of this magical game.

What. A. Game.

From the opening scene, to the first dungeon experience this game brings you back to first logs ins with your favorite MMORPG.

The same pleasure zone of the brain is stimulated with Valheim.

Exploring, Crafting, Boss Fights, Paving your own way through a strange and dangerous world.

It is early access in name alone. The game runs well and is loaded with content.

You can tame boar, craft armor and build a home or ten! Create roads and build ships to sail and fight sea creatures.

It is an adventure waiting to be had and beyond the simple low res polys of the models is a world that is simply stunning to behold.

The lighting in particular is beautiful. Watching the sunrise over the water or the god rays shine through the tree canopy is magical.

If WOW is an example of art style and direction over graphical fidelity for the MMORPG genre then Valheim does the same for server based survival RPG games.

The visuals and the soundscape are wonderfully done and must be seen running in front of you to appreciate.

This game reminds us the direction many thought massively multiplayer online roleplaying games would take after EQ, AC and WOW launched.

For those unaware of what Valheim ‘is’ let us recap.

Valheim is a co-op online survival roleplaying game. Sounds like every other game on Steam huh?

It isn’t.

Though it shares all the same features as many others in the genre like: Exploring, Building, Monsters to Fight, Craft, Survival where it differs is how it all comes together and how the game does not punish you with the survival elements.

In fact Survival and RPG have never coexisted so well in a game before.

It is like a cross between Minecraft and Conan Exiles. Sort of…

There is food to eat but you don’t die if you don’t eat.

There is building but it is easy and fun not tedious and time consuming.

There is so much to do in the game and the world is massive.

We have so much to share with everyone but we are working on a big writeup for it and you guys are going to have to wait a bit so we can get it right.








If you are interested in joining our private dedicated server to play with us drop us a line and we will select two lucky (or unlucky depending on how you feel about us) winners to be drawn by this weekend to join our adventures!


In the meantime get out there and buy this game! This one is special and one of the best roleplaying games we have played in a long time.


Valheim on Steam (

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