Sat. May 8th, 2021
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What are the Best Classes in a Role Playing Game Online?

When we first sit down or (stand up if you are a weirdo =p ) in front of a new MMORPG we first think about the character we want to make. Not just about the hair they will have or their height or their race but what type of character they will be.

Will they sling spells like an ice lance or a fireball? Will they swing a sword and wield a shield? Perhaps they will heal their friends and ensure the adventure goes on? Maybe sing a song to bolster their allies?

Picking a class in an online role playing game can be a daunting task. Picking the wrong class can seriously ruin the experience and game for many a people. I once picked up LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) years ago for the first time and created a Champion only to make it through the first 20 levels dreading the idea of even an hour more with the character. I switched to a Guardian and found my place in the world spending over 500 hours in the game afterwards.

How do you pick MMORPG classes?

Do you find that you pick one based on how you are in real life? Like if you are a Nurse or EMT in real life do you choose a healer?

If you are a Firefighter in the real world do you choose a tank class because you are used to rushing in to danger?

Musicians always Bards?

Or do you go away from your real world persona to embrace a fantasy version of yourself that is far removed from the person you are in your real life?

I have spent thousands of hours playing RPG classes who were nothing like me in real life. To me it is an escape.

As someone who spent his childhood being bullied at times I find myself always preferring the tank classes. I like to protect those who are more vulnerable to me.

The best MMORPG Classes list is going to look very different for everyone.

I have compiled a small list of classes that I think really embody the idea of what that role is supposed to mean.

I have found through my online travels a series of different games with different versions of RPG Classes that I have grown to love. Let’s take a look:

World of Warcraft – Paladin

The WOW Paladin is about as ‘Paladin’ in my mind as there ever was one. It is holy, an all around survivor, a hybrid. I really think that is what a Paladin is supposed to be. Whether you spec holy or retribution or protection you can find a place and it still fits what a Paladin should be. Not the best in anything but able to hold its own in everything. Also, if you are not a WOW Dwarf Paladin you are doing it wrong. =)

Everquest 2 – Warden

The Everquest 2 Warden is, in my mind, a perfectly constructed class. It fits so well with what the lore of the class is supposed to represent and accomplish. It is a druid, relies on wisdom, wears leather armor, wields a buckler, heals, buffs, debuffs, it really is an all around ideal version of what a warden of the forest should be. The Everquest 2 Fury may be the more played class because of the damage they do but the Warden in Everquest 2 is exactly what it should be in the world of Norrath.

FFXIV – Black Mage

FFXIV has so many classes that are good you could easily pick a number of them. For this list I am going with the Black Mage. What I like about it is the straightforwardness of the class. It is a classic mage. Fire, Ice, Lightning but it even goes beyond that and utilizes Ley Lines and really taps into what makes a mage a mage. The ability to connect with the energies of the world around them. Plus with the elemental gauge the class really forces think about the type of spells you are casting. All around a really solid example of a mage.

Everquest – Cleric

Wanna be a healer? Play Everquest and roll a Cleric. It is about as pure healing class as you can get. Yes the game has aged (a lot) but it is still a solid game to play even if you decide to give a spin to play a more a OG style of play. The EQ Cleric is the heartbeat of any group and with the strongest heals in the game. A classic healer in my mind does not dish out massive damage but must be protected, so in turn, they can protect their allies. Few games offer up the classic healer better than Everquest. The Everquest Cleric is the standard.

Guild Wars – Ranger

Thinking of a role playing game Ranger class they must be nature focused. They must have survival as a focus. Beast lore as a focus. And wilderness cunning as a focus. The Guild Wars Ranger has all of that and then some. With Wilderness Survival, Marksmanship and Beast Mastery they embody the idea of what a Ranger should be. Laying traps, animal companion, ranged damage specialist, they have it all. No better example for what a Ranger should be in my mind.

Final Fantasy XI – Corsair

Final Fantasy 11 is a game that set the standard for many things in the genre. They created a game that thinks outside the box and provides a wealth of options to the player for how they want to play the game. One way they do that is their job system. (class system) A great example of that would be their Corsair class. Not only is it a unique class in the MMORPG genre but it is the standard by which all Pirate classes should be judged. They use knives, swords, guns and use gambling inspired skills and abilities. Even the starting quest to be one is called “Luck of the Draw” It is a wonderful addition to the MMORPG class landscape.

Age of Conan – Assassin

There are plenty of games that have a sneaky rogue class. Literally 10s of different Assassin classes could have been pulled to the list. Yet I went with Age of Conan’s Assassin class. I chose this game’s class because I feel that it has all the elements that make a great stabby stabby class like dual wielding, great combos, stealth and light armor with the added benefit of utilizing the great combat system that Age of Conan has. AoC has an impressive list of classes all around but the Assassin class is a special one. Try it out if you never have. Just know that the first 20 levels is different from the rest of the game. For good or for bad.

Dark Age of Camelot – Warrior (Midgard)

To me the warrior in online role playing games is about as classic as treasure is. Maybe more so. When I picture the ‘classic’ warrior class I think of Dark Age of Camelot. Well specifically Midgard’s Warrior. It is a class with no magic. Just pure tanky goodness. Sure every MMORPG has one but to me this is the standard by which I judge them all. A special mention to City of Heroes Tanker as well =)

So there you have it. Just a short list of MMORPG classes that, to us here at role playing game online are the best at what they represent. It may not be a complete list but it is a list that we feel good about.

So guild members what do you think are the best MMORPG classes?

Also, if you are not a member of the site go ahead and join the guild and leave your comments below or in our forums!

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