Wed. May 12th, 2021
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This month is World of Tanks 10th year on the market. To celebrate it is giving players a gift of the years biggest update for the long running title. Update 1.10 will update with a new system for equipment and six new tanks. It will also see Pearl River returning.

Equipment is being reworked with new pieces and revised buffs for current pieces. So loadouts will be more varied and provide a deeper gameplay experience.

Slot specializations will allow for 4 category slots including:





The update will also include 6 new tanks of the Polish variety. The new branch will go from Tier V to Tier X  including one that is introducing the gas-turbine engine.

The Asian inspired map Peral River is returning with a revamp and new HD paint.

To get a look at the new changes or dive into the game to get started check here.







Plus if you want to chat about the game or anything else, head on over to our forums and settle in for awhile!



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