Sun. May 9th, 2021
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Microsoft has let the cat out of the bag that they have acquired ZeniMax Media, parent company of such gaming powerhouses as Bethesda, Arkane and ID Software.

With this $7.5 billion ( yes Billion!) purchase Microsoft can now claim ownership of the Elder Scrolls franchises, Doom, Prey, Wolfenstein, Quake and of course Fallout plus many more.

What this means for the Xbox brand is huge and will have a lasting affect on the gaming world as it will now be a huge feather in Microsoft’s cap to have the next Elder Scrolls game and it’s upcoming Starfield on Xbox as exclusives.

Big news to start his week off in an already crazy year!

Bethesda Hero image


Welcoming the Talented Teams and Beloved Game Franchises of Bethesda to Xbox

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